saturday night in hermosa

usc quarterback

didnt mean to be in hermosa again on saturday night but you learn not to fight the tides.

veteran nfl linebacker had me go from downtown to marina del rey and then later that night picked up usc’s backup qb and his sorta drunk posse. and it was on.

until i got beeped by a young lady in redondo. 16. quiet. at some point she asked me my name.

george washington carver.

she was sad so i asked her why. terrible question.

turned out she is a high school student and she was over at a friends house because one of their friends died

that morning.

they had rented a double decker bus to celebrate something and the friend was on the top deck

and got a little crazy and raised his arms up as they were going under and overpass

and it hit him harder than he was expecting and he died.

she said he was one of those magic special kids that everyone loved.

i didnt know what to say. everything i said was the wrong thing.

i said in my high school graduating class no one had died all four years and the final quarter we were all scared.

and then when it never happened some of us said, do we even exist? are we ghosts?

are we vampires?

what ever i said seemed ok to her. she told me thank you when i dropped her off but i felt bad i couldnt help.

then right away someone else beeped me. four people

all with cups of mixed drinks. i said im sorry you’ll have to pound those before we get going.

the dude said, thats ok i’m going to cancel this. im not going to rush my drink before we go to the bar.

and thats exactly why so many drivers dont like to go to hermosa.

somewhere along the line things got backwards

aubrey plaza

when i was a youngster i was under the belief that i could do anything.

i played baseball all day in the summer time with maybe one can of warm grape soda

never water, and barely any food, and we played till the sun went down.

the realization that i couldnt do anything coincided with the day someone threw me a curve ball.

the ball looked like it was spinning to my head but then swerved right across the plate.

that next day i discovered that my girlfriend at the time, in art class

was playing footsies with the guy next to me

as she was playing footsies with me.

then i moved to california and nothing bad ever happened again.

dawn of the planet of the apes at the vista

dawn of the planet of the apes at the vista

it was sunday at 1pm. the world cup final was on but a surprisingly lot of us decided to watch CGI monkeys run around the screen.

i didnt get there early enough so i had to sit in the back row next to a grandmother on one side of me and a hyper active child on the other.

nothing in here is true.

i went because ppl on twitter were freaking out about how good andy serkis was as the main ape.

i was bored. grandma was bored. we were all bored. sure it was great special effects

but so what

what did we learn in this one that we havent in the other seven of them other than stop going to them?

ape with gun at the vista

the one bright spot was the theatre manager dressed up in a monkey suit.

the other bright spot was because it was before 6pm it was only $6.50.

the price a picture should cost, dag nabbit.

there was plenty of legroom and even way in the back the sound was still terrific.

but meaningless.

rotten tomatoes is giving it like a 94 or something. i dont know why.

ive never felt so alienated from the rotten tomatoes before.

i also thought the human acting was the pits, PS.

no one clapped at the end and some of waited for nick fury to appear after the credits

but, alas, no.