one reason driving around the city all night is addictive


is because if youre doing it right, you learn every night.

the biggest lesson i learned last night was patience young jedi.


at my real job we recently had reviews which made me think about

what are my weaknesses there.

so that made me think about my shortcomings on the road.

and the most obvious one is chilling while waiting for the ride to start.


maybe people dont know that we’re going crazy inside when we rush

to pick them up on a busy street or at their home

and it drives some of us a little koo koo when they see us, wave

and dilly dally on their way to the car.

or worse, never appear until you call them

and they act like youve interrupted something in their lives.

this week i had one party who called me from the In N Out line

and another from a big raging party.

i was so mad waiting and waiting. i thought, why wouldnt you call me later?

but when they finally got in the car, they were so wonderful.


the very last ride, though, tested my newfound enlightenment

it was past 2am and the dude wanted to go home but first get drive thru.

often at that hour the lines are loooooong

and if i have patience problems waiting to get a ride going

i have 99 problems waiting to get food from minimum wage workers who dgaf.

but things lucked out and it was mellow but as we were halfway there

he squeezed the drink too hard between his knees and it spilled

all over my back seat, the same one i had just gotten detailed.

in my head i was all, you cant blame him, hes drunk and you coulda said no.

and he goes, wow, almost all of it spilled on your black floor mats.

thank you Jesus.

new rule: no open food after 1am.

i did 15 rides on friday and 16 on saturday.

everyone gave me 5 stars. everyone.

it was a good week

Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali reading the Quran

was encouraged at the real job

hit my goals on the  sidehustle

watched a few good movies

discovered a couple secret things about LA

learned a few things about myself

felt healthy.

only drank a few cokes.

but ate far too much candy.

and didnt exercise. at all.

yep, a good week.