seeing lady gaga tonight with amber smith blog

amberit’s been nearly four years since ive seen gaga, and even that was just briefly.

it was for yoko onos 75th birthday celebration.

yoko did duets with all these famous and interesting people

and at the end did two songs with lady gaga.

which were amaaaazzzzzing.

do i remember what the songs were: no.

did it make me run out and buy either lady gaga or yoko ono records: no.

was it one of the best live music moments of 2010 for me? yup.

am i the weirdest person? si.

amber texts me during baseball games and asks good questions.

for example yesterday the dodgers and the cardinals were playing on espn, so LA got to see their first place team for the first time in a long time.

hanley ramirez got hit with a pitch at his shoulders

and then when the dodgers took the field clayton kershaw plunked one of the cards right in the leg.

the ump dramatically pointed at kershaw, then the dodgers’ bench, and then the cardinals bench, to warn them that if anyone else got hit theyd be thrown out.

but then later in the game hanley got beaned again and nothing happened. no one got ejected. in fact the pitcher struck out the next two batters, but then adrian gonzalez drove in the winning run.

amber texted me and asked why the pitcher wasn’t tossed after both benches had been warned.

i said, life isnt always fair. especially in st. louis. the skid mark of the midwest.