most of my day is researching stuff. reading books. interviews.


and you hear these little bits of wisdom, mostly from people who are now dead.

but the things they say from the grave are still valid:

be prepared, more prepared than the next guy.

try new stuff. first a western. then a drama. then a comedy. then an epic.

sure most good things are impossible,

but theyre super impossible if you dont begin.

the ants are so hungry and twice as thirsty right now in east hollywood.

impossibly thirsty.

they sit on the window sill of my bathroom and wait for me to finish my shower

some are there just to check me out.

cuz im so sexy.

went to the lady gaga show last night


as did pretty much everyone with a costume


there was tons of confetti in the shape of sea shells and hearts


amber got us amazing seats super close to the stage


she also interviewed a bunch of wildly dressed pretty ladies which will turn up on her blog soon


things that surprised me about Lady Gaga:

1. she’s not that wonderful of a dancer

2. she only had about 5 costume changes

3. she alternates between telling her fans they can do anything and then saying “i cant hear you mother [effers]!”

4. she doesn’t do an encore


things that surprised me about amber smith blog:

1. she knew every word to every song

2. she bought 4 tickets well in advance for no one in particular because she just knew ppl would wanna come


things that surprised me about The Little Monsters

1. they almost all dressed up in costumes of some sort

2. they didn’t sell out Staples Center (maybe because there are two shows: one tonight as well?)

3. they threw clothes, stuffed animals, even a rainbow flag at Gaga while she caught her breath


ironic, dont ya think: some of the best concert merch, but this crowd really doesnt buy concert merch

ive been to a zillion concerts, this was the only one where there werent bootleg tshirt vendors in the parking lots


now i wanna see the Katy Perry show to see who had the most confetti.