we love tacos so much in LA that today there was a traffic jam

taco man

a tagger had gotten trapped spraying graffitti on a sign above the 5 freeway

and he didnt wanna give himself up to the cops so he just sat in the small space

between the sign and the overpass.

the cops couldnt get to him because of some fencing put there to prevent taggers!

so they shut down the freeway and set up a cushion for the tagger to jump

but the guy wouldnt move: for hours

so apparently some guy had all the fixings for a taco stand so he set one up.

first customer talked crap about it on yelp.

flashback friday: the girl who also liked newspapers


deep down im a very old man. actually not that deep.

while in college i went hiking my freshman year with a bunch of new college friends.

they thought it would be funny to wake up, sprinkle granola bars with lsd

and give them to all of us sleeping amigos as the sun rose.

i knew something was up because who giggles and says eat this tony unless evil lurks.

it was quite a way to wake up, lemme tell you, and that whole morning slash afternoon i whined

why are we hiking? whats the point? why did we sleep in the dirt? black people dont do this!

and i realized that i was like a weird milk chocolate candy bar.

on the outside i was beautiful and smooth and delicious

and in the creamy center i was full of youth and sweetness

but right in the middle of that i was this hard old nut maybe a million years old.

which i was reminded up not that long ago when i woke up in a hotel suite with a pretty girl

who for some reason thought it was ok to put her tea service on our bed

when there was a perfectly good night stand right next to her.

she was all, shut up grandpa and read this to me as i fall back to sleep.