a bit muggy in LA yesterday so i wanted to change after work

flag at the los feliz post office

i have this theory about LACMA on the miracle mile: people around there loooove using uber.

i have another theory about that area: because it’s central, you never know where people are going to ask you to take them.

people on the wessside are in their beach bubble. same for those in weho.

lots of drivers dont like going to DTLA because many of the rides are to other parts of DTLA.

but right around Park La Brea the rides can shoot off into any part of town. which i love.

got out of work, parked by the LACMA park, made sure i had water for the passengers, wrote down my mileage in my little book, replied to a personal email and boom got pinged.

the rider ended up being a stand up comedian from Australia. from Brisbane.

i was all, my favorite aussie band (other than AC/DC) is from Brisbane. ever hear of The Grates, i ask him?

i’d say only about 1/3 of the aussies i talk to have heard of them, they’re a small band but they had some hits.

because life is beautiful he had heard of them, he had done stand up at their Tea Room

and best of all he wanted to go to a club about a mile from my house.

so basically i was driving home with a good guy and getting paid $18 for the privilege.

no ones getting rich being an uber driver, and it’s not making anyone quit their day job

but that weird hippie dream of “one less car” is a possibility especially when i was hoping to go that way anyway.

we listened to AC/DC and talked about Aussie Rules Football, a sport he played a few years back.

he told me the NFL likes to recruit punters from Australia who have played Aussie Rules.

got home, changed, ate a little, texted a pretty girl who texted me right back.


drove over to universal amphitheater and saw there was already an uber at the turnaround

so i camped out by the hotels and continued texting her.

ive never been bad at phone conversations but thank you al gore for texting.

she sent me some pictures and said some things and whats this a beep.

a gentleman from down the hill at the metro station was requesting a ride.

we went to burbank. he works at a a high end department store, in the mens section.

i said, i dont dont wanna buy a blazer, but im 187 years old, i probably need one at my age.

he said yep, we have blazers startin at $550 going up to $5,000.

i said, maybe i dont need a blazer. he said, you can get one at H&M for $99

then get some good shoes, a white dress shirt, and some clean jeans and youre set.

then i got a big guy who said today was his Sunday.

i said you must love football season then because Sundays are your Saturdays.

he said, well, i try to lay low and spend as little money as possible.

which was a little confusing because why wasnt he taking the bus then?

dropped him off near the 5 and didnt feel like driving any more.

went home, met the new neighbors, swimsuit models, passed out with all the lights on.