because Obama is in town some of the roads are blocked

dolores del rio

the whiners whine about it which is boring and predictable but the rest of us use Waze and manage just fine.

it was hot yesterday and will get hotter today because it’s the summer, the season we’ve waited for

and the whiners whine about it which is boring and unpredictable because omg its summer whattya want

which is to say fewer uber drivers were out there yesterday because who wants to be out there in the heat

and the traffic and the road closures and etc: the answer is i do.

because when there are fewer drivers there are more chances that you’ll get beeped

as soon as you drop off your passenger, which is the goal of five star customer service.

for some reason i agreed to something impossible yesterday at my real job because

at the root of five star customer service is this phrase: yes. of course.

i may need to renegotiate later today but i would like to see how close i can get to the crazy goal.

why? because we who are Cubs fans appreciate it when someone says, yes we can do this.

even if all signs point to: are you crazy fool?

accidentally called these beautiful Dominican girls Black yesterday.

they were all, you hear us speaking Spanish don’t you!