charlie came back to LA with the girls and a pool party broke out


as you know charlie and bonnie, the only people ive ever married, ran away to Berlin Germany

to form a Lou Reed cover band with their little daughters.

by law they have to come back to America once every other super moon.

so kim and os opened up their beautiful home to all of us. and even the children.


its fun watching the kids get bigger and the backyards become more magical



not to mention the guacamole become more zesty


i was all, kim, this pool, is that a kiddie pool over there or a hot tub?

she was like, thats a hot tub.


the mcilvanes had just returned from a baseball game or two, later greg played some of your favorite Hank songs


someone said hey its boba fett someone else said no its a clone

and then the rest of the day was spent talking about star wars


we have known each other so long it’s amazing.

before the internet.

before laptops

way before universal health care.


there were so many kids and theyre at the age where they are adorable and so well behaved

we know that will all end soon, but for right now all is well.


there was a taco station and best of all a Ben Sullivan Salsa Bar,

where ben paired the best toppings for you depending on your eye color, nationality, and political leanings



the sunken firepit was great in the day but when the sun went down it became the perfect spot for a Hootenany


the guitar was passed around and all these great old tunes came out sung by the gents who wrote them

some parts of the audience knew the words better than their creators which was sweet


inside the kids were playing new games together while on their phones. it was very sweet.


but ive gotta say it was way sweeter hearing the classics in the back yard.