do you ever get the feeling youre being swindled?

dennis-hopper-easy-rideruber is an interesting company. recently they were valuated at like a gazillion dollars.

all on the backs of normal people like you and me who drive around in their own cars dealing with traffic and people puking so they can make $20 an hour.

here in LA uber jacked up their cut of the ride by a bunch while lowering the prices for the passengers.

all of this hurt drivers.

now they are introducing this thing where the drivers have to rent the iphones from uber for $10 a month.

is there no end to the nickel and diming?

sometimes i feel like uber hates success.

we’ve seen this happen before, of course. we saw friendster own the market for a little while only to get leapfrogged by myspace, and then facebook. now facebook is doing everything they can to shoot themselves in the foot and piss off not just their users but the companies who try to connect with their audience.

digg did the same thing. they were on top of the world so they decided to change the most important part. they tried to ruin the Digg Effect – and they succeeded. thus ruining Digg. now Reddit is the big cheese.

uber has amazing lawyers that help them get into cities over the whines of the cab companies. thats impressive. they have deep pockets and will pay for drivers who have their cars impounded. thats also impressive.

but whats not impressive is the way they show so much disdain for the face of the company, for the real product: the normal people driving in their own cars.

if lyft was smart theyd just keep improving their game, they wouldnt panic, and theyd just wait for the moment to leapfrog. because all signs are pointing to uber doing one more dumb thing and then it’s over.

which makes me sad, because as you know, i love uber.