every now and then a beautiful young lady with enormous fake


will come into my uber, sit in the front seat and either take pictures the whole time

or touch up some intricate and fascinating make up design while yapping it up with me.

today her name was melody and she was a welcome relief because the previous passengers

well, they werent my cup of tea lets say

melody somehow picked up on that while she worked the pencil

i bet you get a lot of jerks in here, huh?

we were at a stop light. i said, all of my passengers

are the most wonderful gentlemen and ladies

and then turned to her when she laughed.

you could probably write a book, she said, focusing into the compact mirror.

i could but one should probably just work super hard to be great at their job.

well youre doing that, arent you?

part of the job is getting people where they wanna go, true, but part is doing it in a safe environment

she was all, yeah, i guess so.

and i said, i mean this isnt the nsa or nothin