every writers goal shouldnt be to write three good books like bukowski


it should be to write one good one.

like a really good one.

one thats more about all of us instead of just you.

one that future Tumblr kids can quote on their hologram blogs.

one that has meaning and surprises and is edgy and woulda gotten banned just like all the other great banned books.

one thats so good you need to write it under a fake name because it tells all the juicy stuff thats still juicy long after youre dead.

lets say you had a grandpa and hes long gone and you get a package one day from the people who now own his house

and they send you an old golden paged diary with a note:

we found this in our attic. it belonged to your relative. its so personal and good we dont feel right keeping it.

we googled you and found how to get this to you.

we promise we didnt read too much. sorry.

and when you read it you’re all GRAMPA!

thats the book we should be writing right now.