1. Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    finally saw kiss play last night 


    super fun, loud, and filled with fireworks, fire, blood, confetti and good vibes


    and also Def Leppard, who opened.


    if youre gonna take a tall drink of water may i suggest amber smith blog who is a delight.

    she will eat wherever, whenever, she’s sweet to everyone, and will even pose with crazy ppl with kiss makeup

    we had a spectacular time and not even one beer was sipped all night: def a first for me at a rock show.


    thanks to the xbi we had front row tickets in the lower bowl at the newly refurbished Forum

    Def Leppard and KISS both expressed sincere gratitude to be back at the arena in Inglewood

    both mentioning how important the venue was for them through their career.

    Joe Elliott said they knew they had made it when, during sound check in 1983, they were opening for Queen there

    and as they were chilling in the back of the stadium during sound check

    they heard Brian May bust with one of their riffs and they couldnt believe their luck.

    likewise, guess who we ran into


    Katie Bain!

    who of course was there. she’s pretty much always at every great show in town

    so if you see her where you’re at you know you’ve chosen right.

    excellent night all around and what a pleasure to go with someone who also blogs because

    now i can say, hey check out amber’s take on the festivities.