i had a really good day today

ocean park

achieved a goal at real work.
ate an umami burger at lunch.
drove some cool people around LA.
ate a good turkeyburger at carls jr.

came home to the two fluffy cats waiting for me.
when its hot the bowls of water run out fast
they want that as much as they want the food
but they do this super weird thing.
they walk between my legs as if they Wanted to trip me.
they zig as i zag and if i stop they stop.
we both know we’re going to my front door to get the mail
and then get them their food and beers.
now they jump into my house and investigate as i get the grub.
then the shy one bounds out from under the house and circles my porch.

all of their meows are bizarre. not one of them has a normal one.
huge flying cockroach came outta the food bag and climbed up my arm.
i screamed like a 6th grade girl which super freaked out scaredy cat.
i hunted down that cockroachbeast, killed it, and kicked its guts outside
i know it’s dry out there fellas but theres plenty of food
and water and everything right behind the thai restaurant, seriously.

then remembered danielle had blogged for the first time in forever
and man was it good, but man was it sad.
give yr girl a shoutout the next time you say your prayers.