i learn a lot at my real job like this today:

marlene dietrichturns out marlene dietrich was a violin player before she was an actress

she also played the piano and sang,

thus when you see her in the Blue Angel thats really her.

she said she wore “mannish” clothes because women in Europe did in the daytime.

she said she loved bloggers and blogging and flying high above LA.

she said she didn’t like to talk unless she had something to say.

back in the day gossip columnists were way more powerful than they are today. so much so that the stars would go on their radio shows so they could tell their stories without the filter of the MSM.

one day she was on the radio with Louella Parsons, a popular gossip columnist talking about being relatively new to Hollywood. this is how she ended her interview.

Parsons: Do you find it easy to combine the duties of motherhood with those of being a successful actress?

Dietrich: Yes, I do, because my daughter is the greatest incentive I could possibly have. I have never been so happy in my life as since I’ve had her.

Parsons: Do you think little Maria will be an actress or a musician?

Dietrich: I hope that she will have enough talent to become an actress because I think it is the most beautiful and interesting career a woman can have. And now, Miss Parsons, I would like to say goodnight. You see, I promised to tell my little daughter a story before she goes to bed and it’s getting late.

marlene dietrich lived to be 90 years old and worked much of that time, she said to make money.

i hope when im old im doing it for the same reason im doing it now: because i love it and i love being around smart people who are nice.

the picture on the right is marlene supporting the troops back in the day.