ive got a buddy who’s pregnant and the bb is now overdue

sweet candleok fine HE’S not pregnant nor does he say “we’re pregnant”

but you get the idea: his beautiful better half is about to pop and the due date has come and gone.

i told him i’d light a candle for him

but the truth is theres only two ways a candle gets lit in Casa Busblog

1. i didnt realize i put a banana in my sock draw a week ago and now ive got a fruit fly convention in the crib

2. a fancy lingerie model wants to “set the mood” before giving me a fashion show.

3. someone destroyed the lavatory and opening a window isn’t doing it.

so here’s an animated GIF (hard G) for my buddy, his wife, and their forthcoming dependent.

if i was the baby id be dragging my feet too, but at some point we all have to enter the void.

or in this infant’s case – exit it.

bonne chance, mi amigo.

the best thing about being born right now is you wont have to wait very long to see the Cubs in the World Series.

which is probably why if it’s a boy you should be named Banks.

or Starlin Castro.