1. Sunday, July 13, 2014

    James Cameron wrote an early version of the Spider-man script 

    it’s a little more daring than what we ended up seeing on screen

    She stands with her back against a girder, needing to feel
    something solid. Spider Man stands before her, a
    perfectly formed male silhouette with a soothing low


    Courtship among the spiders is highly

    ritualized. It varies from species to

    species. The male spider may circle the

    female, or wave his front legs… to

    signal that he is not prey.

    Spider Man moves in a hypnotic arc around her. He raises
    his hands in a dance-like movement. Lowers them.


    The female usually signals her

    willingness by an uncharacteristic


    MJ takes a deep breath. Her lip trembles. Her knees are
    weak. Her eyes, though, are steady, gazing at the
    silhouette before her. She doesn’t move of speak. He
    moves closer.


    In certain crab spiders, such as Xysticus,

    the male will attach strands of silk to

    the female… tying her limbs…

    Spider Man moves his hand gracefully across her, and she
    sees the sheerest silk webbing glinting in the moonlight.
    First one wrist. Then the other. Hypnotic movement in
    the moonlight. Her arms are bound to the wall. Her
    breathing gets more rapid.


    Since the female can break free at any

    time, the bonds have only symbolic



    The male must be very bold… to take

    such liberties with the predatory female.


    Yes. He is very bold. But he must also

    trust her.

    (he moves very close)

    Close your eyes.

    He removes his mask and kisses her. Their mouths very
    slowly and very sensuously devour each other.
    Peter and MJ are locked together. He is mesmerizing,
    gentle, powerful. He pushes up her skirt. They make
    love, high above the world.
    She doesn’t look.