1. Thursday, July 17, 2014

    sometimes i think im the greatest stock trader in the universe 

    michael jackson with a fourtyi’ll do something daring like buy american apparel when theyre as low as sixty nine cents

    and i’ll say to myself, they own the factory, they own the stores, theres no middle man, how on earth could this not be a winner.

    and then the visionary founder will find himself in hot water with the board that he hand picked and they’ll do something loco like boot him out.

    and then he’ll get investors to give him tons of cash to buy more of the company

    and then another group of investors will pump money into it

    and then all of a sudden the stock is double

    and then i’ll sell cuz mama mia any time your investment doubles: sell and buy something else with lots of potential.

    and i’ll look back at what i just did and i’ll think im the greatest stock trader in the universe.

    and then i’ll consider buying IBM because theyre gonna partner with apple on some apps

    and i’ll think im the dumbest stock trader in the universe.

    and then i’ll find a photo of michael jackson drinking a bottle of vodka and i’ll say to myself post this on the world famous blahblog so you’ll never forget

    that sometimes the most talented people can be so weird

    and unless you can moonwalk, youre better off not being so weird.