movie review: guardians of the galaxy

guardians of the galaxylast year i was unemployed. heres how it went emotionally, in stages.

1. shock
2. devastation
3. utter fear
4. loss of self esteem
5. resignation
6. denial
7. re-resignation
8. total depression
9. whoo hoo vacation
10. never going outside
11. terrible money making schemes
12. tons of tv watching
13. hiking in the heat
14. candy crush addiction
15. high blood pressure
16. headaches
17. binge watching all the tv series i never had time for
18. falling head over heels in love with Parks & Rec
19. deciding, fine, i will move to NYC
20. landing a job at the academy (thankfully, in beverly hills)
21. relief

two reasons i loved Parks & Rec: the loveably clueless Andy and his wickedly beautiful girlfriend April. also, the writing was fantastic. #TreatYourself. actually i liked all the characters. but Andy was and is my favorite. and then April. ok maybe April is first.

so to see Chris Pratt get a superhero role i was all, whaaaa? was Marvel in a deep dark depression last summer too? did they also start to see the light when the healing powers of comedy swept over them?

did they go and ask him to lose a bunch of weight and hit the gym to bulk up to star opposite a raccoon and a spiritual giving tree in a summer blockbuster?

i was distracted through the film but i loved it. i might have to see it again.

but i probably will have other things to do. like see Boyhood. which is nothing like this, im told.

whateves, it only cost me $6 because the vista rules. so i got a hotdog a popcorn and a water ($12.50). and still it was cheaper than if i had seen it in 3D.