today is charles bukowski and madonnas birthdays, theyre 24


last night i drove an 18 yr old kuwaiti kid from marina del rey to newport beach.

hundred bucks.

he sat in the front seat and told me about how in kuwait they’ll throw you in jail for life for having a beer

if a girl dates a guy and they break up and dont get married then shes shunned forever

that the worse thing you could do to you or your family is say youre an atheist.

88 minute drive and the whole way was nonstop about the persian gulf, religion and politics as wiz kalifa bumped in the background.

traffic was light, he had just been to six flags with his buddy, he wants to study engineering out here for college but it’s very hard he says for international students to get into a UC unless they have a 4.0 average.

so, just like i did, he is going to take two years of junior college and transfer in that way.

he says he loves LA, was not impressed by San Diego, was too young for Vegas, but thinks Dubai is the coolest place in the world.

no offense sir, but their taxis are Bentleys.

i dropped him off at a swanky hotel near fashion island and watched as cars unloaded with the most amazing young women in outfits i had not seen in hollywood.

and i was, salaam alaikum, g

and he was like alaikum salaam