things i never thought would be possible

elvis costello in san francisco

if you had asked me when i was 18 these things i would have said no freaking way

1. i would meet elvis costello and get my picture taken with him (he hates photos of himself and usually bans photogs from his concerts)

2. that i would have attended two Oscars in a row, one as a spectator, one as a paid employee

3. that id be dating a hot blonde nearly half my age who asks me things by first whispering busblog… in my ear.

4. that id trade in a 2011 smokin hot black Camaro for Ford’s version of the Prius in a decision that has nothing to do with having kids.

5. that the Cubs would be ending the 2014 season with one of the best, young teams in major league baseball history

6. that in 2014 no one wants to be on the Lakers

very few things in life are predictable,

which is why we do our best to fight through the rough patches, because theres usually light at the end of the tunnel