prince likes to join me as i read the paper each morning on the throne


he and his sister like to hear the newspaper rustling. they love sounds.

last night i took them outside to the car to get pet by the girls and one of them got ancy on the way in and jumped outta my arms

and ran under a car

the other one i tossed into the courtyard in hopes it would run into the house – and it did.

meanwhile i ran after the escapee.

i saw him there huddling under the car, scared, free but freaked.

i said look ive gotta go drink with the ladies so youve got two options, you can stay out here

in the night

surrounded by big cats and wild animals and hollywood.

or you can come back to me where you get fed and loved and watered and you get to run through my weird apartment.

he jumped into my arms and never looked back.

this morning we read the paper and he said, sorry man, i have no idea what overcame me.