picked up three at a fancy beverly hills hotel

kissingthe two female passengers wore thigh high lingerie and skirts and seemed very drowsy

their handsome gentleman friend sat beside me and we headed for the sunset strip.

were they movie stars or rock stars or friends of friends of the famous

who knows, all i know is they probably needed a pick me up

cake came on my phone

short skirt, long sweater

one of the ladies went, omg my dad listens to this.

not sure if that was a compliment but kept rolling.

finally one of them said how sleepy they were again so i said, how about i pull over to that drug store over there and bro can get you guys a mexicoke or something

they agreed to a pink monster

normally i dont really like waiting because you dont make very much money waiting, it’s almost like youre losing it.

but friday was so slow i didnt care.

in fact these ppl were funner than most everyone else all day

it was taking dude forever to come back with the drinks

so i said, hey can i take a picture of you for my uber instagram?

one of them said, your ubergram?

and i was all


who is your eazy

easy ewhen i was a kid i wanted to be a teacher.

but i would be a bad teacher.

i would say things like, wait Nobody but this kid read the chapter today? figures. i hear your music. if you call it that.

robot squeaks and sound effects.

push buttons and artificial dynamics.

music evolved from chuck berry to hendrix to nirvana to this?

who is your eazy e?


who is your led zeppelin?

no wonder you dont read things except on your phone.

the reality is dismal.

beep beep bop.

once ac/dc was playing at irvine meadows which was the spot of an abandonded lion country safari.

back in those days there was omg no internet so if you wanted tickets to a show you either had to go to a record store or department store that had the ticket machines

or you called on the phone.

so i called the morning of the show and said hey are there a lot of tickets available or should i go down to robinsons and get a ticket right away.

and the lady said oh theres plenty, have no fear.

queensryche was opening. operation mindcrime, g.

figured id save some service fees by just driving down to the show and buying some grass tickets at the box office.

when i got there they were sold out and there were lots of us who were under the impression that tickets would be available at the gate.

so someone said, lets hike through lion country safari and hop the fence.

and all of us said, thats the most perfect idea of all time.

it was scary, dangerous, illegal, regretable

and well worth it when you find yourself in the midst of a full blown acdc show

and hells bells is ringing as you run from the cops.

either do your homework or make music worth getting popped for.