1. Sunday, August 31, 2014

    a pretty girl got a ride to my house last night 


    bedside bed

    she brought pizza because it was a saturday night

    but not just pizza, an entire pizza for me

    and one entire pizza for her.

    i was all, skinny girl you aint gonna eat that whole  damn pie

    and despite being fat as a cow i wasnt gonna eat no whole pieneither

    because its california the pizzas were about 13 inches

    and slightly lopsided with sauce painted on it like it was interior designed

    dollops of cheese blops here

    green leafy things that just casually drifted off a tree

    and ended up there.

    their ovens are 900 degrees and pizza becomes pizza in seconds.

    its slightly unnatural.

    the uber took her 30 minutes from the beach to east hollywood because it was late

    and people were like me, already drunk at 5, and sorta passed out by 8 and awake again

    but drowsy, and after a hot shower, you know what, an entire pizza

    was entirely right.