1. Monday, August 18, 2014

    ali was all lets go to the taco fest in east LA 

    ali and chris at the LA Taco Fest

    so i said chris lets go to the taco fest in east LA!

    he said si so ali go tix and we tapped up our tap cards and took the red line to the gold line

    empty beer garden

    and arrived at the 4th annual taco fest!

    this was the beer garden.


    tony pierce with modelo model

    after a few beers things started looking better but we werent there for beer

    tequila tasting

    it coulda been a mirage but magically a tequila tasting appeared in the beer tent

    but we werent there for tequila

    we were at the Taco Fest for TACOS!

    long taco fest lines

    unfortunately so were thousands of people and only 8 taco tents.

    so the lines were loco.

    at the temps were super hot.

    and the lines barely moved because apparently it takes forever to put meat on a taco

    spokesmodel with ice cream guy

    there were no lines to buy ice cream from the ringy dingy man

    or talk to the wireless spokesmodel with tube socks

    japanese white oak whisky

    but we’ve been around the block a few times and weirdly ALL of LA has tacos.

    so we split and drank some japanese white oak whiskey

    and thought about how weird it was that the only place you couldnt have a beer while you ate tacos


    so we went downtown to a place where you could play pinball and drink beer

    purple hair pinball girls

    a little place called 82 which is always packed at night, but in the day its air conditioned and lovely

    i am your father pinball guy

    your dad is even there and hes great at pinball

    ali drinking at the pinball place 82

    great call, Ali, thank you for taking us there

    ali and chris calling an audible

    so after the beers and shots and more beers Ali wanted to show us something she learned in Venice

    ali doing a handstand

    and we loved it.