1. Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    if i like you im gonna say something mean to you at some point 

    amberi dont know why. maybe its a defense mechanism.

    maybe its the devil getting one last shot out to try to prevent me from happiness.

    maybe it’s a misguided angel in me trying to stop me from trying something new that might break my heart.

    over the years right before most people would ask a girl to be their girlfriend i sabotaged the moment in many silly ways.

    ive told girls i didnt like their bodies. ive told girls i thought they werent dirty enough. and ive told some they were too dirty.

    anything just so i could retreat back to my comfort zone, which ironically wasnt always that comfortable.

    this summer ive been going to some really fun concerts with one amber smith blog.

    the devil inside of me tried very hard to figure out ways to end our growing friendship by telling me she’s too tall, too nice, too sexy, and finally it told me shes too good to be true.

    thats when i knew i had a winner.

    so i took her to the cubs game to see if my friends liked her. i didnt care what they thought. but they liked her.

    so afterwards i told her i didnt want to see her again.


    and i wasnt kidding.

    it was a tough phone call because we both clearly liked each other very much and had lots in common, most of all the weird trait of just letting people be who they are.

    she had spent time at the LA Times, she lived near my work, she even partied in Isla Vista. she knew a lot of who i was all about.

    thus she had to get lost.

    then she texted me and said, well can i still see eminem and rihanna with you?

    and being a man of my word i said, of course. and i drove to the beach and took her up the 405 during rush hour and over the 118 and we made it to the Rose Bowl just in time and she was the prettiest girl in the whole place and the very quiet angel who is usually napping woke up and said are you crazy? she is exactly the person you need to be seeing more of, not less.

    and one thing led to another and this morning i said, ok so what do you want me to change?

    she said, nothing youre fantastic.

    i said im fat. she said take that back.

    i said my clothes are all from the sears clearance rack.

    she said then dont wear clothes.

    i said my apartment is always dirty.

    she said, its full of love.

    i said i cant dance well.

    she said those are all moves we havent seen before.

    so i said so do you wanna be my gf

    and she smiled and kissed me and when i got a break at work i made it facebook official.

    and after work imma go to kmart to buy some new clothes.