people ask me my secrets all the time

kurt courtney and frances beanwhy would i tell them those?

was kurts heroin and devil worship? no.

was miles’ white girls and jump rope? maybe.

was einsteins checkers and freestyle rap battles? shhhh.

i will tell you all my secrets but theyre hidden in layers of better things.

the secret is be yourself.

the secret is when you’re a pitcher and for years thats what youve been studying

and when youre warmed up and you forget about everything and just look at the catchers mitt

and let it fly

all those years of coaching and practice and screwing around as a kid and studying and working

are condensed in one simple action.

when your heart is in it and thats really

your pitch

the ball will do the most amazing thing:

it will become unhittable.

no one can rip off the way kurdts voice is. its been twenty years. it’s his.

no one can top that thing.

no one can be more you than you at your most zen.

which is why the talkity talkity will never result in any true

rockety rockity