1. Monday, August 4, 2014

    sometimes i dont know whats going on 


    sometimes the tastiest lunch will be at a place youve passed a million times

    but went to the left or the right instead.

    then on a lazy sunday you go and youre all mama mia.

    making me think sometimes i dont know anything.

    i walk around drive around fly around thinking i know something

    sometimes quite sure i know something

    but i dont know squat.


    one thing i do know is i enjoy IPA beer

    even though i dont know what makes an IPA an IPA.

    for all i know it could mean Idiot Person’s Alcohol.

    but i drink it and it tastes good to my tongue and soothes my belly.

    id never been to Angel City Brewery before. ali said lets go. i said why not.

    weirdly i knew where it was only because of all of the ppl id picked up there

    while ubering on friday and saturday nights.

    and man it was way better than i expected.

    way better.


    how are the kittens? crazy. and i think they have fleas.

    sad thing is no one wants to de-flea them because theyre too young.

    so somehow i have to do it. but i dont know how to do it.

    do i know how to do anything?

    i can busblog, thats probably my only skill. and i dont even do that much any more.

    why? because i love my jobs and i’d rather get better at those things.

    why? because theyre challenging and this is a walk in the park.

    how hard is it to type type type your feelings?

    must be sorta hard because only a handful of ppl even do it any more.

    anyways fun weekend, lets see what the week has to offer.