1. Friday, August 8, 2014

    sometimes it’s good to be old 


    fucking hipsters never saw jerry

    on new years

    off tickets you mail ordered in

    and painted the return envelope

    so the ‘random lottery’ of available tickets would

    swing your way.

    I saw the dead three times.

    first time in la at the forum I passed out in my seat before the show even started

    and woke up in the end, fully relaxed.

    I think The Lord was saying I wasn’t ready yet.

    best time was in vegas where it was faintly drizzly

    which was perfect because it was hot

    and the hippie girls wanted to dance with each drop

    during Drums the stormclouds gathered and darkened

    as the sunset tipped its hat with an extra burst of orange

    and as it thundered, the two dead drummers echoed it

    and played within it

    Often predicting its rhythm and tripping everybody out.

    most of all the dark,

    who had just laid back

    and watched it unfold.