theres a scene in Barfly where Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway meet at a bar

amber at thai

they have a few drinks, eat some food, fall asleep at his apartment and at some point he has to run

but before he does he gives her a copy of his keys

she’s all, you trust me with these?

he says, sure, it’s easier that way.

pretty sure amber smith blog follows that same lifestyle. if we’re driving down the road

and she says lets have some thai, i’ll say where do you wanna go? she’ll say somewhere off the beaten path.

for some reason i like that.

last night all of her plans went haywire so i picked her up after work.

i said id really like to take you to the movies. so we went to my place, heated up last nights thai.

played with the kittens and jeanine. and then ubered to the arclight.

she didnt even ask what movie we were gonna see.

we sat down and took in Boyhood. a movie that was filmed for two weeks a year for 12 years.

really different. a little weird. three hours long. and pretty enjoyable.

when it was over she said, i will go to any movie you want anytime any where. you know movies!

i was all, you know where i work, right?

she said the xbi, duh.