thirteen years? who woulda thunk it?

jayz and tiger woodsyes it’s a pain in the butt sometimes to write on here.

yes it’s a bit sad that my posts no longer get 40 comments on EVERY post.

sure it’s a relief that women dont fly across the country to meet me and show me how excited they are to touch me after they find out im not a hologram.

and yes ive thought about killing this blog, quitting blogging, stopping the presses, from time to time.

but when it comes down to it, this is a train that has a mind of its own. im just the guy pulling the tooot tooot chain whenever i see a kid walking his billy goat asking me to blare the horn.

some things in life you plant the seeds and water and then they grow quickly and magically up to the Giant and you really shouldnt take too much credit for it.

and for sure you shouldnt chop it down. no matter how annoying it can be sometimes. no matter who’s reading – or not reading it.

is it hard that my mom reads every word? a little, but i love my mom.

is it difficult that prospective employers, current employers or Haterz read it?

heres my answer for that.

they say in order to write well you need to read a lot. some of that is because you should try to learn how certain authors got you from point A to point D.

but also you should read a lot because it can teach you life lessons.

one of my favorite books is Mark Twain’s Life On The Mississippi. Twain has influenced me in many ways but most importantly he taught me that it’s ok to just make a whole bunch of stuff up.

but one thing he didnt make up was his knowledge of being a riverboat captain. and one of the things he talks about in Life on the Mississippi is how hard it can be for captains to steer the boats away from reefs and fallen logs and shallows and sunken boats.

knowing that people who are looking for reasons to hate you is just like knowing theres evil under that dark rippley water over there.

knowing that people who love you are reading is like knowing that theres river is bloated from the recent rainfall and you can steer closer to the edge.

and knowing that co-workers, future employers, and your own HR department are reading is the right amount of boundaries that every writer needs.

we all need motivation, inspiration, and sidelines.

the goal, my goal, is to throw the ball so perfectly that the widereceiver can catch it with enough room that only his tippy-toes are in bounds.

everyone likes those passes the best. but they wouldnt exist without boundaries.

i am forever grateful to Ev Williams and his team at Blogger for bringing this platform to the masses.

my world, my paycheck, my sex life, my weird weird weird career path is all due to signing up with 13 years ago and taking what i learned at college and applying it into a simple dialogue box.

i never thought this would last this long. and i dont expect it to last another 13 years. but if the busblog has taught me one thing it’s there are a lot of things i dont know squat about, so keep typing.

happy birthday busblog, you’re my favorite of all.