1. Thursday, August 7, 2014

    ubering is like fishing except you dont come home stinky 


    hadnt ubered since friday night and i missed it. picked up a lady from a fancy house that i swore id picked someone up at before, but it wasnt this lady.

    at first i thought, maybe the man of the house is cheating on his wife and the first one i picked up was his mistress and this was the wife?

    this woman was demanding but in a fun way. “you’ll have to turn that off,” she said mentioning the katy perry music i had put on before i arrived. “i have a book on tape i’d like to hear if you can be quiet.”

    typically i might be offended by that sort of request but for some reason when im ubering i’m 1,000% the customer is always right. so not only did i turn off the teen dream but i handed the woman my aux jack cord so she could hear the book through the car speakers.

    “god i love uber,” she said. then rattled off all the reasons she is a fan.

    the only thing she wasnt crazy about was the surge prices which i said, well if you can just wait a few minutes when theyre happening they usually go away.

    in no time we were at her destination and she never ended up playing her book.


    got beeped to go to a nice hotel in weho, picked up a gentleman and the first thing i asked was what sort of music should we listen to? he saw katy perry’s name on the screen and said, “got anything else?”

    i flipped through the Sirius stereo dial and said, how about some classic rock? Fairport Convention popped up and i didn’t think he would be interested and instead he was all, sure!

    i said, wow, most people don’t appreciate Richard Thompson.

    we start talking and of course the passenger is a famous canadian music radio host so the conversation moves over to Matthew Good, naturally. and i miss the turn to his stop, so i turn off the meter, sorry metre, drive around the block and ask to take his picture.

    reluctantly he gives me the thumbs up and i think to myself, it’s not gonna get any better than that tonight.

    and yep, it didnt.