ubers theory was if they lowered the prices far down enough

heading to fyfest

then everyone and their mama would start taking uber everywhere

and in exchange for cheaper rides, the drivers would have more rides.

the drivers didnt trust this and were angry and bitter because they thought the volume was plenty and the prices were about half that of a cab, so why change anything?

something happened saturday and i was busy like allllll day and night.

i mostly stayed on the westside and even made my way to nobu in malibu

and the pacific palisades three times, which is odd because im hardly ever there.

once was to take this sweet british family from moonshadows to an italian joint on sunset

the second time was to take a pair of latino au peres (argentinian and columbian) back home from Urban Outfitters at Santa Monica Place

one of them was 17 and had just bought her first record player

i asked her what record(s) did she get and she said Katy Perrys Prism

but “im an old soul so i will be getting some Frank Sinatra soon.”

i told her to check out the Record Surplus store in West LA.

we drove up to the very top of one of the windy roads where the houses just get bigger

must be celebs or something, who knows.

third time was round midnight. i was tired and was considering going home.

10622122_10152631084668057_463925923_ni was on sunset in the palisades and had just thrown out a bunch of plastic bottles at a gas station when i got beeped like two blocks away.

pretty caterer girl got in and said Redondo Beach

what a way to end the night i thought, a loooong ride way down to the beach.

we drove down the hill to PCH, took that to the 10, then south on the 405 and off at Inglewood

listening to the beast boys’ solid gold hits all the way because she liked that i was playing paul revere when she got in.

the day was filled with mostly super sweet people including a semi drunk couple and their friends who had spent all day together and the dude had had enough.

as we dropped off the friends the friends kept inviting them to polish off a bottle of wine or watch netflix but the pair claimed exhaustion and said bye felicia.

our conversations were immediately dirty, frank, and funny. weird how things can escalate quickly like that.

after we dropped off everyone they invited me in to their backyard to drink whiskey and sing songs.

“our neighbors will hate us,” the young lady said, “they have babies.”

“babies ruin everything,” i said.

“we were just saying that!” bro agreed.

when we got to their really nice little house they asked me again and i said whiskey and ubering dont really mix.

but it was nice to have that little insta bond.

two yuppies on separate rides were pissed the whole time and there was nothing i could do.

and then there was the hot russian woman who had just finished a bad blind date.

“at least i had a free meal and now have some leftvoers for my daughter,” she said.

although she may have said “for my dogs”. her accent was thick.

but the most interesting ride was one with a beautiful Gaucho who worked at the Daily Nexus covering sports and is now in school to be a nurse or a doctors assistant or a surgeon, who knows, we mostly talked sports and how much we miss del playa.

my arms felt good the whole day. one woman smelled like blueberry perfume.

and one guy snorted cocaine as his friends berated him and apologized to me.

probably shoulda made a citizens arrest but like i said, it was busy.