1. Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    what do i do when people are mean to me: nothing 

    Bob Dylan with Get Born sign

    what does the boulder do? what does the mountain do? what does the sea do?

    they keep on giving the invisible finger to the haters, the polluters, the fakers, the liars.

    its the ones without courage that im the most concerned with tonight as i fly chopper one for the first time in years.

    did i steal it? you cant steal whats invisible. you cant steal whats been stolen.

    you cant steal a mans best friend.

    what does the chopper do when its soul mate is back in the saddle? it hums.

    only eddie van halen can play that one guitar with the stripes.

    only babe ruth can swing that 39 ounce mammoth bat.

    theres only one busblog only one chopper one only one person meant to fly those things

    and it sure aint Fear.

    mr t pitied the fools.

    me, i never liked being called t

    so he can pity those fools too.