Kanye West at the Made in America concert in LA’s Grand Park

im sure theres something wrong with our mayor, eric garcetti.

he’s fit, he’s smart, he gets things done, he smiles, he doesnt seem to BS you

he is pro Uber, he’s pro growth, and no one seems to have too many terrible things to say about him.

jay z beyonce aoki garcettiis he an alien? a vampire? is he going to turn us all into food?


but in the meantime he pulled off something really interesting this weekend, along with Jay Z and Kanye West:

a twisted dark fantasy on the steps of city hall.

usually that sort of thing is reserved for inside the building or across the street.

it probably lost the city a bunch of money it doesnt have.

and it helped promote the most gutless, useless beer in the nation.

but it also starred one of the most fascinatingly dark and troubled geniuses of LA: a man who cursed and stomped and wore a ridiculous mask

and dares to call himself Yeezus.

and when you watch who was in the audience this weekend there were all types of faces, mostly brown

you know, exactly how LA truly is.

kanye tried to start some slam pits, which he adorably called circles

but LA cant be told what to do.

but we will come to a party and thats what the mayor hosted and a lot of people are butthurt because he rammed it through but sometimes thats exactly what the leader should do

he should wheel a keg down the street, crank up the jams and start passing out the red solo cups.

so thank you mr. mayor.

next year please hold the Mayer.