theres only a few things i want in my life


love, of course.

honesty. as in super dooper really real. which isnt so hard.

people around me who dont believe that the world is a certain way or destiny isnt a hard and fast rule

or that we are doomed to only do the things our parents did.

if i ever have kids i dont want them to think that they can only do the things i did.

i want them to know they can be better. that they can break through whatever barriers i met.

i want them to know the world is weird and wonderful and random and beautiful and one minute you might be alone and content

and the next minute you can be in a house with a new girlfriend, and old girlfriend, and two cats.

and then the day you might be totally alone again.

old girlfriend might be moved into a new pad. new girlfriend might be done with you for the week.

and neighbors might have wanted to adopt young Prince and young Michael.

yes you can try to have a safe stable life but not if you want higher highs.

not if you wanna learn weird stuff and embody it.

and then write it down for you and you and you.

in a few years i will start writing.

this was just exercises to cure my carpal.

tonight amber and i are going to a fancy french restaurant.

i may even wear pants.