i hate 9/11. so much. they should make it a holiday so we could just sit in our homes and cry

not cry because omg they got us. omg the terrorists won and we now live in fear.

but cry because we can’t trust the government any more. because we dont know who knew what and when.

cry because all those people are dead and all their families are devastated and it probably could have been avoided.

cry because “pre-9/11” is a thing.

cry because of coverups and people not getting fired and people lying to congress and people

being so disgusting.

i went to Ground Zero when it was a hole, i went there when the freedom tower was pretty much built

i went to the Statue of Liberty at New York, New York in Vegas

and i didnt know what to make of any of it.

which one was more real? which one was more honest?

i used to watch fahrenheit 9/11 on 9/11 but i dont wanna do that to myself this year.

i dont even know what to do other than wear black and raise my fist

but what i really wanna do is just put my head in my hands and cry.

which is what the holiday should be.

no parades no football games no beers

just emotions, no traffic, and tears.