protesting against the beverly hills hotel hurts these kids


drove a food server and two pool boys of the famous hotel california, probably the most beautiful hotel ive ever been in.

they were going to a concert downtown.

couldnta been funnier.

i turned off the meter after a little while because it was such a joy to be with them.

i asked if the hotel was being affected by the boycott they said lets talk about anything else.

finally they said the owner that people are protesting owns lots of things, but mostly oil.

they said, if you want to boycott something, stop driving your car.

but the beverly hills hotel is less than 1% of his holdings,

when you refuse to come the service employees are the ones who feel it the most.

they totally turned my thinking around.

and after i dropped them off i turned off my car and walked home.

a note i left on the message board of the fantasy league today

tumblr_n57kzvjuFu1rzkuwco1_500The only context you probably need is the Commish locked me for a few games DURING THE PLAYOFFS because of some weird rule he made up that I didnt understand. the guy I was playing against, Ninja, told the commish not to do it, but the commish dragged his feet unlocking me and now I am about to lose the series and the league. This is my parting shot to the commish and the league. Because I am a whiner.

I’ve been playing Yahoo Fantasy since 2001. I’ve had 113 teams. Never have I been in a league where the commish, in order to limit competition punishes GMs from PLAYING THE GAME by hamstringing them in the playoffs. What asshole does that?

If you’re oh-so worried about teams cycling through so-called “garbage stats” create categories that hurt teams for pitching too much like OMG walks, HRs, ERs, WHIP, HBP, etc. Or you create Max moves for a week or for a season. Or you create moves only once a week.

Let the computer play its part. Why? Because as we have seen here, the human element, when it comes to being a Commish, will almost always fuck up. For one reason: commishes are also players; competitors. They have an agenda. They also have emotions and machismo. When they are called out on their bullshit they often drag their feet, and yes CHEAT and get in the way of fair play.

You don’t lock people in the playoffs. You don’t make quick, debilitating, moves in the middle of the night one day and then pretend that you don’t exist the next night when you could repair those moves.

You play fair. And honestly. And you let the fucking baseball players decide the outcome.

Ninja, I appreciate your sportsmanship and it’s too bad we couldn’t see fairly whose team was truly the best. You have a very good team and I sincerely hope the commish doesn’t fuck you over for whatever reason in the coming weeks.

Commish I hope whatever karma you have coming back to you doesn’t bite you in the ass. But most importantly I hope you take my suggestions to heart and set up your next league intelligently and not emotionally. Something based in competition and not out of fear ruled by a no-good cheating asswipe.

Update: With the score 5-7 (somehow I crawled back from 1-11) the Commissioner banned me. With one day left I have lost that league.