do you know life is weird?

lucydo you know charles shultz tried to warn us via Peanuts?

all those kids who were lo-key and monotone so much

intellectual but had already given up by 8 years old.

and the biggest lesson was Lucy’s going to try to f you over whenever she can.

shes not gonna let you kick that ball, charlie brown.

try all you want, but you’ll never be cooler than your dog.

it all became true.

tonight my mom and i ate sushi, drank sake, and tried to figure out what the plan is gonna be like for christmas.

shes the hardest working person in showbiz and even in a job that doesnt respect her she gives 100%

shes nervous they wont let her take christmas week off because it’s so busy there at that time.

we walked around the mall that was built when i was in high school.

it’s so run down inside and out that she doesnt even notice the dumpsters in the parking lot.

this mall was the most sparkling hopeful place in all of the suburbs a few decades ago and now half of the stores inside are empty and the other half are halfassed stores that arent even trying.

we walked into a sports shop to browse jerseys and hats and there were three old men from india behind the counter

one guy couldnt stop coughing and the other two just looked at each other.

i swear i saw a tumbleweed roll by.

only stores with any business? the cinnabon and the one black barber shop on one side of the mall, and the black beauty parlor on the other side of the mall.

usually when i see an empty space my mind can think of some way creatively to fill it

but this place, oh man, i got nothin.

turn the whole place into the midwest’s largest strip club?

an orphanage? for like every orphan in chicago?

only thing i could think of was to film a zombie movie in there cuz thats how it felt.