hi early morning northwest suburbs of life


it’s true that staycations are cheaper and stressfree, but we should stretch our wings a few times a year.

and for sure you should see your momma as often as you can.

chicago the last few days did its best to make itself known. a lot of things went wrong.

im typically cool under pressure but i was out of my comfort zone and very little went right.

but my mom and i were able to eat at my favorite chinese joint and i was lucky enough to sample a wide variety of local and foreign beers.

my poor mother must think im a drunk because everywhere we go either im drinking or looking for a drink. truth is i barely touch the stuff in LA, perhaps because i’m usually driving.

but my mom drives everywhere around here and won’t negotiate when it comes to that so i just drink up and enjoy the ride.

yesterday we did the old swap where i gave her my xbiphone and i took her phone.

it’s one way to keep the snoops off yr trail but unfortunately they put so much malarkey in there it’s tough to erase and restore, which is what i was doing all night.


only got a few hours of sleep because i had to get a 6am (!) limo from her house to the airport so i could catch my 9am flight.

sometimes i think my moms favorite thing to do is to wake up early to catch a plane. she was up before i was to collect all my crap and make sure i got up and showered in time.

shes the best of all.

limo guy was a little too anxious. clearly a new agent. i put in my earbuds and ignored him.

he drove wildly, tailgating, honking, cussing.

i took out one of the speakers in my ear and i said, tommy

he said, yes sir.

i said it’s freaking 6:30 in the morning. pretend theres an open bowl of water out here and if none of it spills you get an extra $20. also, slow the hell down.

he got the point.

the midwest was beautiful as we drove past cornfields and rivers as the sun rose and poor shmucks went to whereever they had to go on a saturday morning.

and even though i know money doesn’t really solve any problems, i schemed ways i could get a few extra bucks so i could take my mom

and maybe my niece or my nephew to a fun spot in the next year or two.

italy, vegas, sweden.

somewhere no one has to wake up til noon.

and somewhere where phones are not the center of our universe.