things ive seen on this trip to the airport


a couple with a small carryon luggage bag. dude opened it up and repacked it while his wife repeatedly said Really?

super pretty woman who has not stopped applying makeup. whoops now she is using the lint roller all over her jacket that has no lint. shes spending extra time on the front.

a guy whose legs are so toned you can see every single vein. but because hes black it doesnt look terrible, just weird. it makes you think being slightly out of shape is probably a blessing.

an old man with a Green Bay Packers tshirt on. it says Shareholder on it. since this is Bears country it makes me want to knock the coffee out of his hand while saying Ditka.

no one here looks like theyre from LA.

quite a few people are coughing.

everyones eating mcdonalds.

i have a middle seat. my life is over.

i hope we end up on the Lost island.