when i got back from chicago the xbi had destroyed my apartment

10320523_10152713911683057_3237534527771076360_nthe internet doesnt work, my tv doesnt work

they took the wires out of my house and patched up the holes but im pretty sure they just reinstalled new bugs and video cameras.

it was a little stressy but fortunately i had an appointment to meet with this years editors of the UCSB Daily Nexus

so i drove up to Isla Vista and i thought, why don’t i do this more often? it’s so close. and pretty.

we talked for an hour. i was hyper. i always get charged up when im around them.

the Nexus is only a weekly now, which makes me sad, but maybe they will focus more on digital and online more

which are the jobs they will get when they get out of college, lets be honest. the first ones at least.

walked around the campus. was inspired. a little depressed.

then drove home. and began cleaning up the xbi mess.

thinking about going minimalist with my place. started throwing things out.

i know they want me to move out but i like to do the opposite of what they want.

last night amber was sweet and spent the night even though i live in a disaster area.

we had no tv so we just talked to each other.

like the indians did back in the day.