1. Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    about ten years ago i wrote a book called Stiff 

    leah reading stiffi dont know how.

    i know i did most of it day by day at a job i didnt like.

    but now that i look back i dont know how that came out of me.

    i know i was broke and i wanted to be able to sell something at Christmas.

    i also know i felt stifled creatively. and i wanted to impress a girl. or three.

    maybe i felt like a bird in a tree at night

    look at me look at me look at me.

    it was nice that i had a big audience for the busblog at that point because without one it also probably wouldnta happened.

    and it was good that i didnt care if i got fired from my job for having such weird ideas concepts and quotes.

    im sure my boss, who hated me, was reading it, and maybe that helped a little too.

    so i guess it worked because of all of those little factors all combined into the perfect storm.

    so maybe it’s weirder that there hasnt been a perfect storm in over a decade.

    i dont care what chicks think. i do care what my bosses think. and i dont feel stifled.

    i dont even know what book id make now if i could. despite the fact that i have ten years more of experience under my belt.

    weirdly it would probably be about etienne. a girl i hope i never see again.