for my moms birthday we took her to a burger place at the mall


i was all ma, why here? she said, it was Kylas choice. i was all wha? she said, dont ask.

anyways kyla has braces now and her gift to my mom was her favorite Glade Plug-ins.

we ate three different versions of french fries and then assorted burgers and booze. it was nice.


nephew tyler was in great spirits because he had an assist during his soccer game

and also because i wasnt telling him how they made the chicken tenders he was eating

he also drank milk and played under the table and generally enjoyed himself like a kid


Babe was probably the happiest. she ate her food, a little of tylers

then when no one was looking she got out of her chair and grabbed some food off the table behind us.

THAT was probably the funniest thing i’d ever seen.

the dude was all, oh dont worry we’ve got kids too, it happens.


afterwards i went to my favorite store in the world and bought a Cubs hat


because if this rain stops, tomorrow we’re going to Wrigley Field,

finest ball park on earth.

and i hear they’ve been waiting for me.