1. Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    the xbi sent me a telegram (!) yesterday 

    mileyit said, have you noticed that everyone all around you falls apart?

    and it made me go through a series of emotions:

    disbelief, all my friends and loved ones are at the top of their game

    doubt, except for that one and that one and

    anger, if the xbi is behind all of this i will use their evil weaponry against them!

    sleepiness, man i was pooped

    super anger, why would they waste their energies on me

    religious, dear god please smite them with your fancy energies of retribution

    and then finally zen: i sent them a pie

    along with it a note

    if you eat this pie all the negative feelings you were trying to instil on me will be multiplied

    and you will have gas for a good thirty minutes

    maybe forty!

    if you dont eat this pie you will prove to me that you have no courage

    for how can a pie be filled with feelings you superstitious so called superheroes!?!!?

    prove you have eaten it all by video taping it with a copy of todays newspaper

    which some of them did as i recently received a youtube clip.

    never kiss an xbi agent.

    they’ll put anything in their mouth.