work kicked us out of our offices after lunch yesterday bc we are moving


fortunately amber smith blog lives super close to my work and she has air conditioning. so i was all, can i work from home

from your home?

she said sure, only problem, my AC isn’t working.

i was all, ok guess i gotta go to the library.

she said, omg i love libraries lemme go with you


so we walked down the street and she said wait are those swimtrunks you have on?

i said yes, i always love to wear swimtrunks as shorts when its 100 degrees,

i said i know some people think theyre tacky but what happens if someone invites me to a pool?

she said, youre so cool


so i took a picture of us, she in her sweet summer dress and me in my swimsuit shorts

and the hawaiian shirt my mom bought me at macys


amber was all ok heres the library i was telling you about!

i said wait a damn minute this sure looks like a rooftop pool.

she was all, its got wifi and heres a book, voila: library!


so i jumped into the pool, found a shady spot and went back to working.

ah the internet.

thank you Al Gore


every now and then i looked to my right and said mama mia, why didnt this girl hit on me when we were both at the LA Times

and the world was crumbling down on me. and a voice said, just drink the cold water and enjoy the shade


we heard some sounds. it was the hotel. there was a blackout in beverly hills (where we were)

i asked the bikini waitress, does this mean the beers wont be cold any more?

she said, oh we have generators for the pool, the beverages, and the elevators.

so i went back to working and looking to my right.

but after a while we were actually hungry hungry


so we drove to my favorite sushi joint and had crab so fresh one of them pinched amber’s tight rump.

she was all, fresh! and slapped him

he blushed and we ate him.


then we drove down to anaheim and saw Katy Perry who was about 10 times better than I thought she was gonna be.

we had embarrassingly good tickets.


all sorts of people there: moms dads and of course screaming tween girls


and these well dressed members of the state assembly


lesson of the day: we are here to dazzle, so dazzle.

Ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

‘Cause baby, you’re a firework
Come on show them what you’re worth
Make them go, “Oh, oh, oh”
As you shoot across the sky