thirty years ago today the replacements released Let It Be

Replacements Let It Bethe problem for those of us who loved the replacements was

so, you make a ridiculously wonderful kickass punk rock record

that also has some of the sweetest saddest songs ever (Unsatisfied, Sixteen Blue, Answering Machine)

and all of these other records by lessors make so much more money and get so much more fame.

what are we supposed to learn from this? that great art will not always be met with financial reward and/or popular appeal

unless you’re Led Zeppelin?

sorry but most of us aren’t Jimmy Page.

not that we’re Paul Westerberg neither, but we’re a lot closer to those drunken sloppy bums than the devil worshiping skinny brits.

well three decades later the lesson now is dont count your rotten eggs until theyre hatched

because nowadays The Replacements might not be getting any more airplay or video play but they can go to any festival that they want and pretty much headline on the strength of the material they made in the 80s.

and go home with a mountain of money and take the rest of the week off.

so maybe page and plant were right when they said Your Time Is Gonna Come.

sadly that message was delivered on an answering machine that had run outta tape, so we were sweating it.