what if it’s my destiny to do exactly what im supposed to be doing?

the blues brothersfor most of my life ive felt the urge to be doing something else.

but then when i start doing that something i get weirded out and want to do something else.

even when i was in my dream job of being the boss of LAist i wanted to work at the LA Times

then when i got that job, an office, an amazing assistant, and all the coolest blogs, i wanted to be somewhere else.

is there any wonder i am not married with 2.4 kids with a two story house in the suburbs?

but weirdly when i see my friends with those things im all: want!

im already tired of my kittens, even though they are ridiculously cute and get so excited when i come home.

kittens arent supposed to be like that, but they are to me. they follow me to the bathroom

they sit on the sink and watch me read from the toilet.

they follow me to the kitchen and hop on boxes and watch and watch.

when i finally make it to the couch they hop on my chest and give me boob massages which is their way of saying omg how was your day?

still, im not crazy that the house smells of kitten and they like to rip things up and track dirt on my shiny new white sink and tub.

but they do eat bugs spiders and weird flying things and they entertain me while my tv is not working so

theres still something wrong with me.

my car has this great radio. it lets you program your 10 favorite rock bands in there and it tells you whenever they are on the radio.

doesnt matter what im looking for if it says Led Zeppelin is on channel 25, i’ll switch over.


im seriously thinking about cutting my cable and my home internet. it’s just too much money and it distracts.

this last week ive been getting to sleep on time. i wake up earlier. it’s quieter.

and im reading like crazy: paper products. isnt that what al gore wanted?

the blues brothers didnt have the web and they did just fine.

until they got thrown in joliet state prison.

do i have any faults? omg ha!

taylor swift

actually i do.

im terrible on the telephone.

and im doubly terrible being a shoulder to cry on.

why? because most of my advice is take a nap and when you wake up take a shower.


just come over and take a nap with me.

or. worst of all:

use this as fuel to write a kickass blog post on your secret blog, the one i dont even know about.

why is this bad advice? because usually people dont want advice, they just want me to listen.

and im the worst listener of all.