the xbi has a very clear rule about dating

armit forbids it.

doesnt matter if you are a current or former agent. you cant do it.

the theory is you the people the xbi go after are so ruthless that they would easily kidnap or threaten to harm a significant other in the heat of battle, and thus put the agency in a position of weakness.

and emotion.

weakness and emotion is what the xbi uses as leverage against its foes, not the other way around.

there are plenty of escorts and other women the agency provides to agents who need or request tlc but anything serious or romantic is strictly taboo, off limits, out of bounds, and non negotiable.

these things were shouted at me when i began dating ashley, chris, clipper girl, clipper girls cousin, the cuban, and especially the boss’s daughter.

it’s shocking they even let me live but apparently the bad guys really believe that im no longer an agent or they think the knowledge that i hold is outdated.


regardless, often i give women who i have fallen for emotionally the novel Pimp by Iceberg Slim. in it, the gentleman claims that being a pimp is the loneliest job in the world. while that may be the case, once you enter the xbi you are asked to keep your distance from your friends family and under no circumstances can you engage in serious romance.

no matter how much you like them.

naturally i have disobeyed almost every rule they have thrust upon me

but they have their own special way of enforcing them

and punishing my defiance.

in the end, i understand that it’s for the best. but still.

iceberg aint got nothing on us.