busblogs dont explain things with words

kyla and tyler in 2008which is ironic because of the blog the poems the stories the novellas and the text messages.

busblogs explain with actions.

in a perfect world all there’d be is scoreboard. results. stuff.

i hear some people say oh he means well or oh he has a good heart but in real life what were his actions. they werent good.

my actions are so good theyre boring. my words are so boring theyre dull.

theres two things ive noticed in my waning years on this crust: people like to do things with me on nights where i want to uber

and people want to talk talk talk to me on the phone.

bill murray invented the perfect way of life. he got a cell phone to text his sons and he got an 800 number for people to


to reach him. but for the most part he never calls anyone back. unless it’s awesome.

i love the people. all the people. theres probably only 4-5 people i dont love and they know who they are.

they wronged me in brutal ways and never apologized so the hell with them.

the rest i love and they all know the best days to hang out with me are weekdays after work minus fridays.

and they also know not to make me call them on the phone. i know i have a pretty voice. how about i just whisper it.

i also dont like to be told what to do. if you ask nice i’ll probably do it. especially if you whisper it.

do these things mean that i’ll never be married and tied down with a mortgage and kids and soccer practices

and animals barking as im trying to watch the bears game in my study?

is bill murray happy?

not even the barking dog in my neighbors apartment is happy and that fucker can lick his own nuts

so what chance do any of us have