tonight imma fix my internet i swear


it gets me super mad when i cannot do things

even when im not trained at it

even if im not the expert.

for some reason i believe what the xbi taught us when we were 20

you can do anything

we can all do anything

but you can do it better than most

always believe in yourself.

even when it’s Game Over

for it’s never Game Over.

then of course they shot us but thats another, much longer story.

anyone heard of Simon of the Desert?


heres what wikipedia has to say about it.

Simon of the Desert is a 1965 film directed by Luis Buñel.


It is loosely based on the story of the ascetic 5th-century Syrian saint Simeon Stylites


who lived for 39 years on top of a column.


maybe im a crazy person but id actually love to see a movie about a dude who spent 39 years on top of a column.

fortunately for all of us it’s only 42 minutes long.

maybe he fell off.